Pack of 4 Large Hand Lettered Ornaments (customizable)


Pack of 4 Large Hand Lettered Ornaments (customizable)


This is a pack of 4, 4” size glass, hand lettered Christmas Ornaments, you can have 4 different Holiday Phrases, Check out the list below, or have all you family members names, or mix and match. You will be prompted to a form to fill in your choices upon check out.

This Size is Chalkboard Finish Only

**Please note that designs/hand writing may vary, but I’m an artist so I will always make it look nice for you! **

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Here’s a List of Phrases to choose from, or you can type your own upon check out.

  1. Merry Christmas

  2. Happy Holidays

  3. Christmas? Totally Sleighed IT!

  4. I came to Sleigh

  5. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

  6. Merry Yo Ho Ho

  7. Santa Cam

  8. Let’s get Elfed up!

  9. You had me at HoHoHo

  10. Tis the Season

  11. Chillin’ with my Snowmies

  12. Resting Grinch Face

  13. Jingle all the Cabernet

  14. Baby’s First Christmas

  15. First Christmas in our New Home

  16. Festive as Fuck

  17. Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

  18. Skip the Milk and Cookies, Santa wants a Drink

  19. Drink up Grinches

  20. I’m only a morning person on December 25th

  21. Up to Snow Good

  22. Dear Santa, Define Good

  23. Tis the Season, to nap!

  24. Lets get Blitzened!

  25. The Elf Did it!

  26. Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle

  27. Don’t Worry Beach Happy

  28. Have yourself a Sandy Little Christmas